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2020: It's a Wrap! | 215


2020 Wrap: Monoliths, Galactic Federations, and Potted Meat. We run screaming from 2020 like...someone trying to quickly escape a really crappy year (give us a break, we ran out of metaphors around the 34th month of 2020). To help wrap this dumpster fire we talk monoliths, galactic federations, and our favorites of 2020 (hint: Cyberpunk 2077 isn't among them). Oh, and we do a mini CAFEteria 51. All of that and more on the podcast that joyously celebrates the end of 2020, but wonders what 2021 has on its bingo card – Hysteria 51.Special thanks to this week’s research sources:Research Assistant - Raymond Walden IVVideosStephen Interprets The Message Of The Mystery Monoliths - News - - Guardian - York Post - More Great PodcastsForthHand Media -