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1941 Cape Girardeau UFO Crash: The Alien Coverup Before Roswell | 216


No one expects their grandma to hit them with some crazy family secrets while on her deathbed. But when those secrets involve a UFO crash, dead alien bodies, and a U.S. government coverup - well, granny sure knows how to go out with style. That's also the basis for this week's story as we go back in time to investigate the Cape Girardeau UFO Crash of 1941. Plus, the fellas talk Nick Pope shenanigans, drinking in cornfields, and enjoying small town wineries (separately of course - we're not implying the fellas were drinking at a winery in a cornfield with Nick Pope - though that sounds delightful). All of that and more on the podcast that can’t wait to make up some crazy stuff to tell our loved ones on our death bed - Hysteria 51.Special thanks to this week’s research sources: Research Assistant - Raymond Walden IVBooksThe Cape Girardeau 1941 UFO Incident | George Dudding PDFsSkeptic UFO Newsletter - First Roswell - Case: Cape Girardeau Crash - of reported UFO sightings - Daily Tribune - Truth Hides - Wiki - 12 - - Casebook - East Arrow - Sentinel (via WayBack Machine) -